Now selecting a Best Synthetic Oil is a task.

Oil, the Food and lifeblood of the engine of your car.

As for a healthy body, we need good food to full fill our daily nutrients need, so does the oil for our car. The selection of appropriate oil is essential to maintain our vehicle in good condition correctly, plus it adds to the life of our car.

best synthetic oil

1. Shell Rotella T6 (Editor’s Choice) 

Best Car Oil

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[/easyazon_link]Shell’s this version is among the industry leading brands, preferred by numerous engine manufacturers around the world.It is 5W-40 Full Synthetic Heavy-Duty Engine oil and has Triple Protection Plus Technology.

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Triple Protection Plus Technology:

It protects your engine against 3 driving conditions which are muddy/ dusty, steep, hot/cold.

The oil mainly shields your engine from acids formed while burning as it gets stale, keeping it from dust and other contamination and making well lubricated to last for a more extended period while offering maximum performance.

Its ability to emit minimum carbon content making you keep and contribute to an eco-friendly environment as much as possible.

Completely Synthetic:

Unlike other petroleum-based products, this oil made from high petroleum products means it tends to accommodate to different driving situations which are difficult for other products.

Heavy Duty:

This version of Shell oil is designed in a way to give superior protection to your engine as it is exceedingly responsive and adjust to changing situations, making it dependable for your engine.


The technology has been boosted with advance multi-functional additive technology which protects the engine from blocking, deposits, wear and oil breakdown. Specifically, it has low Ash additive which makes the engine operate smoothly. Apart from being low-ash, it has a minimum amount of phosphorus and sulfur which allows increased and smoother function of motor and additionally you will enjoy the perk of low maintenance for your engine.


Durability is another main benefit which benefits the engine by lubricating it properly and making it work more smoothly and efficiently in the long run. When the parts of engine work without any hindrance, gives more mileage and makes it live longer than when these parts couldn’t perform to its fullest due to contamination in the engine.


Shell Rotella T6 is oil with low- viscosity that offers smooth and speedy startup even during cold weather conditions. Specifically, this oil can startup your engine to the temperature of 30 F, which rarely found in other oils.

The oil not only offers better flow at low temperature but maintain its flow even in high temperature and improved fuel economy performance of 1.5%.

Low maintenance:

The oil gives you the ease of low maintenance also,i.e. you don’t have to change your engine’s oil very frequently because the engine is free from dirt for a more extended period.

Other Credentials:

Shell Rotella T6 full fills the strict API CJ-4 specifications which are often demanded by car manufacturers. It additionally matches the standard of DPFs (diesel particulate filters) and beats the conditions of API SM applications usually for gas engines.

This oil is suitable for your vehicle serves as a blessing for both old and new cars, mainly using diesel as a fuel. No matter whether you have a minivan, tractor, heavy duty carriage, early pick up truck etc., the oil is among best synthetic oil to serve your engine.

Cost and Value

If you have a vehicle(s) using gas or diesel as its fuel, you can surely take numerous advantages offered by Shell Rotella T6 5W-40. The best synthetic oil you can rely on for high quality, low maintenance, clean engine, budget-friendly in the long run, adjustable in different and extreme temperatures, eco-friendly, longer mileage and much more.

  • Cheaper Price
  • Runs excellent for Motorcycles
  • Works well in the wet clutch and diesel applications
  • 6,000 to 8,000 miles
  • An extra level of protection
  • Sometimes improper packaging caused the containers to leak

2. Castrol 5W40 Synthetic Oil


[easyazon_link identifier="B007G7PWSA" locale="US" tag="consumercure-20"] [/easyazon_link]This version of Castrol synthetic oil is amongst the most advanced oil for engines. Mainly intended for the consumers who ask for best products for their vehicles. During last three decades, researchers have shown that pressure on today’s engine has increased, almost to double, this means that the demand and work from oil are also needed to be raised to save the vehicle’s engine from that increased friction due to pressure.

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Excellent Fuel Progress

Castrol Edge is the oil preferred and endorsed by many leading car manufacturers. An advanced version which offers both strength and performance under extreme pressure conditions. The oil is having titanium mixed in it allowing your engine to deliver at its best under pressure and offering excellent fuel economy. The technology provides the proven performance of the reduction in friction, act against wear, control and protect against deposition.

Castrol Edge oil is now thrice stronger than the leading engine oils be it synthetic or conventional. Titanium technology has doubled the film strength of the oil against friction.

Vehicle Performance

Today everything has become reduced in size, and people demand these small versions with bigger deals, same goes with these synthetic engine oils which are expected to deliver efficiency and power, maximum fuel economy, emitting lesser contamination and performing to their best. These expectations from consumers call for higher performing products than before

Cost and Value

Castrol 03083 EDGE 5W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil is the very right deal within budget. You might find the consumption of the oil is too much or it doesn’t last very long but not when you compare the quality with the price.

It’s an entirely synthetic motor oil with Advance premium which offers excellent performance and strength under pressure. The titanium technology induces in the oil boots the production of your engine, reduces friction between parts of the engine by lubricating it correctly.

  • Runs excellent for Motorcycles
  • Works well in the wet clutch and diesel applications
  • No leaks from product
  • Cost savings
  • Sometimes improper packaging caused the containers to leak

3. Royal Purple 36250

Best Motor Oil for High Mileage Engines

best synthetic motor oil

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[/easyazon_link]Royal Purple synthetic oil is specially formulated with Synerlec technology which means it's not made by traditional oils or crude oil. This oil is a fully synthetic oil and provides excellent performance for both vehicles and motor engines. The oil is superior for mechanical performance by reducing the extreme temperature of engine wear. HPS series also recommended for new and old vehicles who are seeking a higher level of performance

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These oils usually provide increased mechanical performance against other motor oils, offering increased mileage at gas, minimize engine wear at varying temperature. Mainly manufactured to meet the needs and expectation of advanced and improved engines of today and enhance the performance.


An enormously increased film strength of this Royal Purple oil minimizes engine wear and heat, eventually growing life and durability of your car’s engine. The oil performs by reducing torque and offering better sealing between the cylinder wall and piston ring of an engine, which results in improved fuel economy. The oil is extended and serves to provide additional mileage due to its extraordinary oxidation stability. Also, you don’t need to change oil too frequently which is cost and time-saving. The oil has eco-friendly properties too that reduce and minimize engine deposit and keeps it clean.

Apart from the above benefits, the oils HPS keeps valve trains by utilizing roller or flat lifters which needed for increasing protection because of high ramp/lift.

Additives zinc/phosphorus

Royal Purple HPS 20W-50 has a high level of additive,i.e. zinc/phosphorus which offers services against wear for better protection of engine and additionally has the advanced patented technology of Synerlec additive which keeps metal to metal contact of engine’s parts providing higher protection. The Royal Purple 36250-6PK HPS 20W-50 Synthetic Motor Oil with Synerlec is designed to clean, fresh and lubricate your vehicle’s engine with the highest efficiency. This additive makes it better than its competitor Valvoline oil.


As stated before that its unique manufacturing process enabled it to perform far better than other top synthetic and conventional oils making it great for both gasoline engines as well as diesel engines, this version of synthetic oil has SAE 20W-50,i.e. 20 rating of viscosity for cold weather conditions and 50 at normal temperature. the oil also comes in various viscosities i.e. 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30, 10W-40 and 20W-50.This increased viscosity results in maximized responsiveness of oil

Cost and Value

Royal Purple HPS Series motor oil is designed and made to cater the need and demands for increased performance of today’s engine and also its protection. The oil is usually considered as oil for Street motor and advised for those vehicles whose warranty from manufacturers has expired which are not less than great news for people owning cars under no warranty.

The perks extended to increased protection from wear, maximized efficiency, better security of your vehicle’s engine from deterioration, superior Oxidation Stability, an additive which works against wear and have Zinc/Phosphorus.

It’s recommended going through the manual of your vehicle to ensure that its right weighted oil for it, however, it’s one of the best motor oil which comes in purple color and increases your engines durability and life. Its credential includes API licensed, and the oil begins from the trademark of US.

4. [easyazon_link identifier="B0068C4KPK" locale="US" tag="consumercure-20"]Castrol 06116[/easyazon_link] POWER1 V-TWIN 4T 20W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

[easyazon_link identifier="B0068C4KPK" locale="US" tag="consumercure-20"]castrol synthetic oil[/easyazon_link]Castrol 06116 Power1 V-TWIN 4T 20W-50 Synthetic oil is tested and designed exclusively to certify performance in Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, one of the most important American manufacturer of the motorcycle. Also, this is the right fit for all North American bikes with 4 stroke and Japanese bikes which endorses SAE 20W-50.


The brand, Castrol has been recognized as the leader of racing motorcycles and motorsports with its innovative lubricating benefits for 120 years. Their oils and lubricants are specially generated for racing and are used and endorsed by Honda MotoGP race team. They also have a partnership with Triumph.

Apart from Motorcycle engine oils, this brand is also known because of its higher shaft drive gear oils, race/commuter brake fluids.


The fully synthetic oil produced to offer a fantastic flow in varied temperature conditions. This version of Castrol oil keeps and provide excellent protection to your engine during the thermal breakdown. Also, it keeps your engine from viscosity collapse at increased temperature produced by air-cooled, V-Twin engines.

Castrol lubricants also include 4T and 2T engine oil and Snowmobiles oil which are high in performance.

Trizone Technology:

Its Trizone technology offer to protect Engine, Gearbox, and Clutch of your bike.


The oil offers confirmed wet clutch performance for even function and improved stability.


This oil of Castrol beats the standard of API SL, JASO MA-2.

Last words:

Castrol 06116 POWER1 V-TWIN 4T 20W-50 not only one of the best synthetic oil but also the cheapest one when its price is concerned. Its also been called as Liquid engineering oil due to its miraculous benefits. We recommend always to review and follow the manufacturer recommendation of your vehicle.

A proven oil for motorcycles for performing at its best when it comes to racing. The additives included the oil helps protect your vehicle’s engine and other components working heavily.

With this oil serving your motorbike, you can have a whole thrilling and exciting experience of a ride on your bike along with protection and durability of your bike’s engine.

Apart from its performance and additive benefits, the oils last longer, almost providing double the mileage than other natural oils. Also, the oil is available in viscosity level of 20w50 and 10w40.

5. [easyazon_link identifier="B007G7PUMS" locale="US" tag="consumercure-20"]Castrol 06244 EDGE[/easyazon_link] A3/B4 0W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

[easyazon_link identifier="B007G7PUMS" locale="US" tag="consumercure-20"]best full synthetic oil[/easyazon_link]Another version of synthetic oil by Castrol for motors, with more or less same benefits.


Castrol 06244 EDGE A3/B4 0W-30 is full synthetic motor oil with advanced premium which is designed to provide strength to your vehicle’s engine and work under extreme pressure. We stated earlier as well that Castrol oil is one of a leading one as it is three times stronger when compared to other synthetic and conventional oil.

Titanium Technology:

The oil contains Titanium Technology means it will enable you motor engine perform to its fullest even under extreme pressure and will offer increased fuel economy. Additionally, the technology will recuse and minimize frictions between the parts of the engine by making a double layer film, act as an anti-wear and keep your engine catch minimum deposit of contamination.

Last words:

This version of Castrol motor oil offers the right value of your money and justify the amount you pay for it. However, it is important to note that Castrol®do recommend to use the filter,i.e.Bosch oil filters.

With Advanced premium, the oil provides your engine to perform well even under different pressure. The technology-induced in the oil,i.e. Titanium enhance the engine performance by reducing friction by adequately lubricating it and keeping metals to avoid to come in contact with each other which result in the reduced amount of contamination deposit, increase the responsiveness of engine in different climatically conditions, maximize mileage and durability.

6. [easyazon_link identifier="B00I4E91GI" locale="US" tag="consumercure-20"]Mobil 1 120764[/easyazon_link] Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30

[easyazon_link identifier="B00I4E91GI" locale="US" tag="consumercure-20"]synthetic motor oil[/easyazon_link]This motor oil by Mobil manufactured in the United States of America; A fully advances synthetic oil which offers ease of use to vehicle owner/mechanics. The oil exceeds synthetic motor oil performance as it is made to provide a mileage of minimum 15000 miles before the need arises to change the oil. The oil had a history and originated a century before and well-known brand which is broadly used and trusted in the industry of automobiles.


With 5W-30viscosity this oil is designed and manufactured to offer performance which will make your engine to act like new by making it move against wear with SuperSyn technology, provide protection, keeping it clean and giving responsiveness in both extreme temperatures,i.e. high and low.

The oil contains Cocktail additive offering superior thermal and oxidation stability.


Mobil 1 5W-30 oil matches the strict standard of ILSAC GF-5, approved byGeneral Motors, fulfills and beats the demand of most stringent industry standards for outclass performance. Additionally, Mobil 1  equipped with standard technology in most vehicles which include select high-performance cars also. This oil is a choice of NASCAR teams as well.

During the year2006, the oil proved itself by giving a mileage of 23000 miles, even when the engine was as clean as before the journey and that too without changing the oil.

Last words:

Mobil 1 motor oil and recommended and preferred for almost all modern types of vehicle engines which includes high-performance turbo-charged, passengers car with injected diesel multi-valve fuel and supercharged gasoline, van and trucks.

However, the oil is not preferred for aviation engines or two-cycle and can be used for them only is manufacturers allow. This Mobil 1 oil is an excellent choice when it comes to affordability, offers durability to your vehicle’s engine and is strong crude having a history of a century and endorsed by many industry standards. Thus, keeping a happy going engine for your car.

Best Synthetic Oil - Buyer's Guide

There are two types of oil i.e.

  1. Conventional Oil
  2. Synthetic Oil

Conventional Oil: It’s a pure crude oil/mineral oils or the by-product of it or derived from crude oil.

Synthetic Oil is petroleum/ crude oil which is chemically treated or went through the chemical process.

The similarity between both oils is that both originate from the ground. You have an option to shift from synthetic oil to conventional oil, or even mix both of them and used but with due precautions and care.

What Is Synthetic Oil?


Typically, synthetic motor oils are known to perform better than conventional fuels, as they refined. The chemical process they go through purifies it, removing impurities from petroleum/crude oil and making all molecules provide a higher level of protection to the modern engines.

However synthetic oil is not recommended if your car is new or if it’s a high mileage car because the engine of the new vehicle is free from wear off initially and you need free-flowing thin oil respectively.

Why Synthetic Oil?

  • Synthetic oils are an incredibly refined lubricant, which offers more excellent protection to the engines of your vehicles and ultimately resulting in better performance and adds life to your engine to the longest possible period. This is one of the most significant advantage this oil offers.
  • Synthetic oils are being made to cater extreme engine conditions,e. stability in high. (when running your vehicle in hot weather conditions, it can cause oil even to evaporate and making your vehicle’s engine catch wear). and low temperatures, i.e. Pour point (an ability of the fuel to move/flow at low temperature), protect against deposits, keeping the engine clean etc.
  • Unlike conventional oil which takes time to in circulating and create friction in the engine, synthetic oil smoothly flows and circulate in the engine during warm-ups of the vehicle without creating any conflict thus lubricating and protecting every part of the engine.
  • With these oils, fuel economy visibly increases as they are not thick like mineral oils and work at a faster pace to make the engine work at its fullest efficiency level.
  • Synthetic oils are also eco-friendly, reduces and making engines to discharge fewer contaminants (reactive, sulfur and unstable hydrocarbons etc.) as compared to unrefined oils.


Some essentials that you should know and consider before buying synthetic oil for your vehicle are:

  • What your vehicle needs: Every car or vehicle’s engines need different oils to make it work appropriately. You must understand the need of your vehicle first to select the best oil for it.
  • Which type of oil is needed: it essential to understand that term ‘Synthetic oil’ is generic, it may be blended or fully synthetic, or it may contain additives (discussed later).
  • How much to invest in synthetic oil: the fact that nobody wants to go for products with a higher price. However it is always good to think long term, investing in cheap synthetic crude may look good for now but to avoid regretting it later and to even saving that amount going total waste, it’s good to spend a little more on a product which will benefit you and your vehicle in the long run.


Viscosity: means the thickness of oil, usually mentioned in the container of oil.

For instance: ’10W – 40’.

(where first number 10 is for viscosity at 0 ° F, W stands for winters and the second number 40 refers to the viscosity at 212 ° F)

Also, consider that oil becomes thin when it’s hot and thick when in high temperature. A proper balance between the thickness and thinness is essential regarding fuel economy and adequate lubrication of engine.


these are commonly added to synthetic oils for the additional benefits like increasing viscosity, adding life to the engine, work as cleaner etc.

Mileage: A good mileage coverage/range is one of the essential factory a good oil offers.

There are many types of synthetic oil available in the market by reputed brands; we present to you our six picks out of them to help you select best suited for your vehicle. Lets each of these six in details.

Over to you:

We have given you all needed information along with our six recommendations. No matter if you are a beginner or new to purchase or make a choice regarding oil for your vehicle's engine. We hope the above in-depth information from primary to recommendations, will help you choose a best synthetic oil that suits your car which will give you ease of you, better mileage, increased fuel economy, advanced technology and above all a better performing life to your engine.

Happy lubricating your vehicle 😊

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