Best Shoes For Waitressing – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews 2021

Today we have reviewed the best shoes for waitressing.

Why we choose this topic?

Because waitressing is one of the best profession for many boys and girls to make quick money who are committing this route to sustain their lives as a full time or halftime job. As a waitress, your professional style is very important to reflect your personality in a restaurant. Sometimes the right decision is difficult to select the shoes and clothes to feel comfortable and good looking as well.

Best Shoes For Waitressing Restaurant

Without the right shoes!

  • Your job can be stressful
  • Your feet will be fatigued during rush hours in your restaurant
  • Your day will be terrible and painful.

When it comes to being on your feet all day at restaurant, Bad shoes have a direct impact on your service and your job. So it is very important to invest in the right shoes for getting support and comfort in an entire day.

The best restaurant work shoes will make you happy and help you earn extra money with a comfortable working day.

Keep the importance of no slip restaurant shoes in mind we decide to discuss some of the good shoes for waitressing in detail. 

Before to discuss an in-depth review of a single product we have added best shoes for waitressing in the table for your worth purchasing.  

Best Shoes for Waitressing

1. Dansko Women’s Pro XP Clog 

– Most Comfortable Women Work Shoes –

Most comfortable women work shoes

This Pro XP shoe is first most comfortable shoes for waitressing from Dansko. It is the ultimate for comfort and support. These slip-resistant shoes feature a rubber outsole. Block heel give you the strong grip on the floor. Removable leather-lined memory foam footbeds which will be more comfortable for long working hours. They are available in different color designs including a multi-color print that’s rock in any style.

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Extremely Comfortable

This pair is great for back and legs. Their removable leather-lined footbeds are very squishy to dips your foot into the shoes for long working hour comfort. It also helps to put your own orthotics insoles when you are facing any problem. The Pro XP provide a leather upper rounded toe and padded collar for protection. The outer sole of this shoe is highly effective for all surface. Wet, dry and oily. Make sure to tighten them in the right size.

Another great feature is anti-fatigue rocker bottom will help you get the comfort you desire. Wear them in any condition on concrete floors or outside in the crappy weather. 


Several different colors is a great aspect to consider. Leather black grey anatomy scrub, All shiny black Lilac Moray, Navy Floral Patent, Multi/Crisscross, Burgundy Cabrio and many more look nice for jeans or professional dress. This shoe can use for any contrast. Staples and laces shoes do not support for strong grip and easy fit. This shoe has tight rubber surround on top so it’s easy to wear anytime without any problem with a strong grip. They will feel a little tight when you wear at first but don’t worry it will quickly break and become comfortable. 

Cost and Value

This shoe is one of your best investment with excellent performance. These shoes are super comfy! They can support for long period without any extra maintenance. The only negative thing we notice they are a little bit heavy to move fast but extremely comfortable for long working hours.

  • Most comfortable non slip shoes
  • Excellent Grip
  • Best for long period
  • Not much expensive
  • Good for wide feet
  • Non Stylish
  • Little Bit Heavy to move

2. KEEN Women's Kaci 

- Stylish Non Slip shoes -


Ready to work? Keen women’s Kaci well-made leather shoes are extremely lightweight and comfortable. On the other hand, They facilitate protection and arch support. if you like to work all the day with cute and stylish looking shoes so these are the best shoes for waitresses you are done with. They have a cute looking feminine shape which is designed for every intense environment.

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The shoe is constructed with a rubber sole which keeps it airy. Mesh linings provide extreme breathability which helps the feet more comfy. However, the shoe SLIP ON allows you to go quickly while remaining protected and safe.

Safety in Style

These shoes look great with jeans, skirts, and tights. these are professional black shoes for waitress and also available in two more colors with casual brown and gray which looks stylish to wear out!. The elastic band in inner shoe keep the foot snug and tight. The toe area is extremely comfortable and you can work all day with a great fit.

Cost and Value

This shoe is on average not much low and high for the price and affordable for everyone. It wouldn’t disappoint you and truly worth the price with a lot of great features.

  • Cute non slip shoes
  • Weatherproof Leather Material
  • Best for everyday wear
  • Affordable
  • The strap might be too tight
  • Difficult Sizing

Best Shoes For Waitressing - Buyer's Guide

Waitresses/Waiters work a lot, walk a lot, stand a lot and carry many things (trays etc.)
Before choosing the best shoes for waitressing you should read the important fundamentals that will help to select the right choice for your feet.

How to Choose the Best Shoes for a Waitress to Wear?

When buying restaurant work shoes you should know in advance what are you expecting from your shoes. In your case, Your work demanding all time moving and working around the restaurant, standing long working hours with dishes so it has a direct effect on your feet. So think about good investment and purchase a pair which should not be damaged as easily and be comfortable all the time.

1. Comfort and Cushioning

Whether you are working full time or part-time. Your shoe should not be critical for your comfort, Just wear an uncomfortable shoe for 15 minutes and walk around your space so you will realize the clear picture. As per the requirement of your work to stand and working for prolonged periods your shoe must be able to provide proper cushion your feet that won’t make swell up at the end of a long shift. Many factors can measure the level of comfort but some of these are follows  

I. Foot Type

shoes-for-womenWorking as a waiter, the worst thing is shoes fitting. Without shoes fitting it will cause you to slip and drop the plates. It is dangerous for you and your guests who are sitting around where you are serving. so foot type should be the first consideration, Some peoples have wide foot Size and shape. If your foot is wide so you will need to check the shoes that have a necessary width or even make enough fit for your foot. Check out the shape of the shoe from product images and make sure it is suitable for you also read the policies for return or exchange. 

II. Shoe Build Quality

best-non-slip-shoes-for-restaurantIn the second, where your comfort start is the sole of your shoes. 

All shoes have their soles but what we are looking at is material of the sole which can make more comfortable for us. EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) PU (Polyurethane) are mostly the best choice for lightweight used. And They keep you safe from the risk of falling with a non-slip outsole. 


III. Way Walking

Best-comfortable-work-shoesAs like the outsole, the inner sole is also important to pay attention, the lining material is used inside the shoe to draw out moisture which is important for controlling odors and hygiene after a long hour working period. Leather lining is favorite but a little bit pricey.

The fabric is another material in the lining and most common material that is used as cotton and viscose. These are both breathable fabrics and lock the dampness. If you are wearing the shoe on a daily basis so the lining shape will not retain like as leather. Leather add some weight which is not recommended for lightweight shoes.

Synthetic Lining is weaker than fabric and hard to absorb moisture. This lining material manufacturer used only to make the shoe at a low cost. If your feet are sweaty do not use synthetic linings.

Stylish non slip shoes

2. Design and Durability

As a waitress, your style should be professional and good looking. Nice shoe style gives a cool and professional look for your job.

Some restaurants have their specific criteria or dress code to wear the brand. If your restaurant is open for any brand so always choose the presentable aesthetic to wear because customers judge your professionalism by appearance.

  • Material -
    With the design check if the shoe is waterproof, because It will help to keep dry your feet for working in the kitchen. 
    The leather is always durable in such kind of situation. But some people use the synthetic and rubber material which is also a better option in wet condition. If your work does not involve in the kitchen you can select a lightweight shoe. 
  • Maintenance -
    Another durable aspect is shoe maintenance. You have bought a new pair and not giving attention to maintaining it properly that will not be durable for a long time. If you are using the leather shoes so make sure you have the correct cleaner and conditioners. The repellent spray also the best option to retain the shoe in the same condition. Shoe stitching can also be helpful to know how long it will last. if the shoe is double stitched that means it's build quality is good for long term.

Look, Professional, Be Professional.

3. Easy Breezy

The third factor is breeziness that means your shoe should be flexible and breathable to get free air circulation.No matter how much you are working they should support all the time and also keep your feet dry.

Wet free shoe protects your skin from moisture and provides flexibility to walk for long hours (very important for those who are working into the kitchen or dish room to safe the feet from water).

  • Mesh material provides high-level airflow for sweaty type feet and these are also lightweight.
  • Canvas material is also useful for breathable shoes but it doesn't stretch off as compare to mesh. 
  • A shoe should easy to wash them once they get dirty,

4. Budget Bag

Waitress shoe price can range anywhere from fifty to five hundred dollars. It’s difficult to find well-made, comfortable shoes that are in cheap price. Because low price shoes create problems like discomfort, pain or injuries.

Budget, not the case first feel the comfort.

Few recommendations when you are looking to buy your shoe in your budget.

Comfort - Up to one thousand times your body moved in a day with serving in a restaurant. Your first mission to look the comfort and cushion that protect your feet and keep them fit all the way. The uncomfortable shoe will cost you four times more to your budget.

Size and Shape - Evaluate your foot size and shape of the shoe which should perfect fit.

Color and Design - Mostly black shoes are used to wear for waitress dress. Color choice is it up to you if your job allows wearing any color that suits your professionalism so find in the list and check the availability.

We have found some good deals that have many qualities with a low price tag and added in the above list. They won’t hurt your wallet. You will enjoy your work and it will also allow you to work for long hours without any problem. You can select 2-3 styles you liked and check if they are available on the store. Buying every month can become more expensive to buy at one time. One time investment can save your long time money. If you are on a budget and don't like to spend more so take a look at each shoe offer.

Now the choice is yours which right pair of shoes will enhance your productivity

You feel good and look good.

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