Best Pickleball Paddle for Spin – 2021

Best pickleball paddle for spinPickleball is a game that is gaining popularity n recent years mainly because people love to play it and there is no age restriction as well. For beating your opponent with ease you will need the best pickleball paddle for spin in order to play some brilliant shots.

Pickleball paddles are an important accessory to play the game as, without them, this game is incomplete. Playing the game involves a bit of tennis, a bit of badminton and a bit of ping-pong as it’s the combination of all the three sports.

Now as you know that, pickleball has been gaining in popularity, people are more interested in which pickleball paddle to buy in order to defeat their enemy with ease and with some brilliant shots.

This is where the purpose of the best pickleball paddle for spin comes in as in this article we are going to help you choose an ideal paddle for playing this sport with full zeal.

We have compiled a list of some of the best selling pickleball paddles available on the market for spin so let’s have a look at them :

Best Pickleball Paddle For Spin 2021

No.Pickleball Paddle NameFACECorePrice
1 Onix Graphite Z5
Editor's Choice
GraphiteNomex Honeycomb
2 GAMMA New Micron 2.0FiberglassARAMID Honeycomb
3 Onix Composite Z5FiberglassNomex Paper Honeycomb
4 ProLite CRUSH PowerspinSPINtacQuadCore Polymer honeycomb
5 Pro-Lite RebelFiberglassPolymer Core
6 Pickleball, Inc. VenomFiberglassAerospace Honeycomb
7 Pickleball Paddle – Rally NXGraphiteNomex Honeycomb

How We Choose Best Pickleball Paddle For Spin?

Now, that many players might be wondering that what is the criteria for making our list. We will explain it in simple words. Our criteria are clear and simple. We have chosen pickleball paddles for you solely on the basis of

  • Spinning ability.
  • Performance,
  • Durability,
  • Stability,
  • Reasonable Budget and
  • User ratings.

Now, when all things are clear, we will move towards reviewing the best pickleball paddles for spin 1 by one in order to help you choose easily.

Let’s dive right in :

1. Onix Graphite Z5

best pickleball paddles

Onix Graphite Z5 tops our list for being the best pickleball paddle available on the market especially made for spin. That’s the main reason, this pickleball paddle is at the top of our lost. The pickleball paddle has been specially used by players in order to add more spin in their shots. It is lightweight, has got a large sweet spot and is durable as well, so you never face an issue while playing your favorite game.

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Handle Quality

The best pickleball paddle for spin has got a tennis-like handle which allows a firm grip and is easy to swing as well. With tennis handle, more power is generated as well which initiates a fast shot. The shape of this pickleball paddle is also something to talk about. This paddle has got a wider body shape which enhances the sweet spot and allows you to hit the ball with full power and spinning ability.


Special Nomex Honeycomb Core construction makes it durable and very hard to break. With the help of this core, you can play better shots with accuracy and ball control as well. Graphite face offers less weight to the paddle making it a lightweight paddle for added speed and additional spin as well. With the graphite face, maneuverability of the paddle also becomes easy.

Strong Grip

Last but not least, the grip of this pickleball paddle is perforated and soft so that you can control the paddle in any direction you want. Furthermore, edge guard is also present across the paddle that keeps it away from accident or damage.

Cost and Value

Onix Graphite Z5 is the first choice pickleball paddle of many people and that’s because it has got an added spin ability with some powerful shots initiation as well. The price is also negotiable and you should buy it in order to defeat your opponents with some powerful and spinning shots.

Why Do Players Like Onix Graphite Z5?

Onix Graphite z5 is probably the topmost priority of many pickleball paddles because it allows a shot with additional spin and power at the same time. Furthermore, you can play quality shots and defeat your opponents as well with the help of this racquet and that’s why many players are going after it.

  • Lightweight paddle
  • Graphite Face
  • Nomex Honeycomb core
  • Shots with added spin
  • Ideal for professional players.
  • Stable and durable
  • Powerful Shots
  • No major cons to specify

2. GAMMA New Micron 2.0

The next best pickleball paddle on our list is none other than the brand new release of Gamma paddles that is Micron 2.0. This paddle has been assisting a lot of players in making powerful shots with great impact and spin at the same time. The paddle has got added spin with a lot of power and it is durable as well. With stable and clear shots, you can easily deceive your opponent without any issues.

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The paddle is not lightweight nor too heavy. It is a mid-weight paddle with 7.6 oz weight and has got a textured fiberglass shape with edge guards. Edge guards keep the paddle durable and will allow protection in important shots production.

Stability Power

The best pickleball paddle for spin has been specially made to boost your playing level. With added stability and power, this paddle is able to induce quality shots with extra spinning ability as well. This pickleball paddle has got a special core as well. With Aramid Honeycomb core, you can now produce shots with stability, control, and power at the same time. On the other hand, experienced players can also make a great benefit out of this paddle.

Cushion Material

4″ honeycomb cushion grip is soft and perforated. It allows a better and firm control over the paddle and will absorb all the sweat off from your hand while you are playing shots against your opponent. Lastly, this paddle meets USAPA specifications. All of the paddles produced by Gamma comply with USAPA specifications and they are perfect for any tournament level game.

Cost and Value

Gamma has produced brand New Micron 2.0 pickleball paddle which is an ideal racquet for both beginners and experienced players. The best pickleball paddle for a spin is available in a very reasonable price range as well. Better buy it before it goes out of stock and you sit here regretting your decision of not buying it in time.

Why do Players Like GAMMA New Micron 2.0?

Players like the new Gamma Micron 2.0 racquet mainly because it provides a lot of features with a very reasonable budget. With proper and premium construction, you can play shots with added power and spin easily to beat the hell out of your opponents.

  • Mid-weight paddle.
  • Fiberglass face.
  • Edge guards are available.
  • ARAMID Honeycomb core is present.
  • Added spin for decisive shots.
  • USAPA approved.
  • Grip is cushioned.
  • A bit noisy
  • No other specific cons

3. Onix Composite Z5

Onix has produced another master class when it comes to buying the best pickleball paddle for a spin. Onix Composite Z5 has been the utmost priority of many players who are looking for a paddle with added spin, power and durability at the same time. The racquet offers a lot of features in a mid-budget price range and offers the professional players to add more control in their game as well.

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Paddle Control

The racquet offers more burst from the baseline which means you will be executing a powerful shot with added control and spin in order to leave your opponent in immense surprise. Onix Composite Z5 comes with excellent power ability and good ball control as well. With a wider shape of the body, the sweet spot increases immensely which is very important to control the play of the game. The grip is perforated and cushioned at the same time allowing your hand to control it more accurately. It is soft and easily hold-able for a long period of time without even sweating or any other issues.


This pickleball paddle has got a core made up of Nomex Paper Honeycomb. This core is perfect for executing shots with more power and spin at the same time Fiberglass face is durable and adds stability as well. With the edge guards present around the paddle, you can play any shot without any fear of breaking the racquet or scratching its face.

Cost and Value

Onix Composite Z5 is the perfect choice for pickleball players as this paddle allows them to play some brilliant and amazing shots with ease and added spin. Besides, it has got a fiberglass face which makes it durable for a long period of time as well. Better buy it before it’s too late.

Why do Players Like Onix Composite Z5?

Players mostly like Onix Composite Z5 because of the reason that it provides more pop, power, spin, and stability to the shots. On the other hand, you get a racquet that is durable and can work for you for years to come. That's the main reason that this paddle is so much popular.

  • Mid-weight paddle.
  • Ideal for professionals.
  • Offers added spin.
  • Wide Body shape.
  • Fiberglass face.
  • Nomex Paper Honeycomb core.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Customer support is terrible.
  • Grip size is of a tennis racquet.

4. ProLite CRUSH Powerspin

ProLite Crush Powerspin has been making its mark in recent time and is now a popular paddle for any player who wants added spin in the shots he or she has been playing for a long time. The best pickleball paddle for spin allows you to play powerful and deceiving shots easily as it has got updated features and a premium core as well. Durability is also a factor to count as this pickleball paddle is specially made in the USA.

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Directional Control

This pickleball paddle especially comes with SPINtac hitting surface which is perfect for spin control and allows the player to spin the ball in the direction he wants. With this hitting surface, you can easily generate shots with added spinning ability.

QuadCore Technology

With the most updated QuadCore polymer honeycomb cell technology, you can place the shots with much more power as compared to other traditional racquets. This technology also plays an important role in reducing the weight of the paddle.

Protection+Noise Free

For protecting the edge of the paddle easily, special ProLite Micro Edge Guards are available that not only keeps the paddle away from abrasions but also play an important role in protecting the paddle from accidents. The paddle has been specially approved for a quiet zone. That is, it has been noise-free so that you can play the ball without producing any noise which makes it an ideal choice for noise-free zones.

At last, this paddle is also approved from USAPA as it is made in the USA and is perfect for any tournament level game.

Cost and Value

ProLite Crush Powerspin is a pickleball paddle specially made for playing spin shots with ease. The paddle has been the first choice priority of many players whose game rely on spinning shots rather than powerful ones. Better buy it before it goes out of stock in a couple of days.

Why do Players Like PROLite Crush?

This paddle is ideal for those players who want an extra spin in their shots. So, players who are more into playing spin shots rather than powerful shots prefer this paddle over any other as it has got special hitting surface for that purpose.

  • SPINtac hitting surface.
  • Extra spin in shots.
  • Ideal for professionals/
  • USAPA approved.
  • Noise-free paddle.
  • QuadCore Polymer honeycomb cell technology.
  • Micro Edge Guard.
  • A bit pricey.
  • Not for power shots.

5. Pro-Lite Rebel

Pro-Lite Rebel is another ideal pickleball paddle for most of the players who want added spin in their shots. It has been made durable and comforting for players so that they can play all day long without any worries. The best Pickleball paddle for spin has got some awesome technical features as well. You will love to play pickleball once you have got hold of this racquet. The paddle is perfect for executing powerful shots with extra spin.

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Extra Spin

As from the name itself, the ProLite paddle is specially made for powerful shots with some extra spin at the same time. It allows you to play those kinds of shots that are not playable by the opponent in any way. The shape of this pickleball paddle is sexy and it has got a textured fiberglass surface so that you can hit the shots perfectly and with a dose of extra spin.


The grip of this paddle is comforting and perforated as well. You can have full control while holding this racquet in your hands and it will never slip out of your hands as it has been made sweat-free. This pickleball paddle has also been constructed in such a way that it is lightweight. With a weight of only 7.7 ounces, you can easily play all day long without tiring your hands for a long period of time. The polymer core construction makes it sure that you are not only executing spin shots but are also adding the power to them completely outclassing your opponent in every shot you play.

Cost and Value

Pro-Lite Rebel is one of the best pickleball paddles specially made for the spin and powerful shots. The paddle allows you to play powerful shots with an added spin so that you can easily beat the hell out of your opponents. Better buy it if you have got enough budget for a pickleball paddle.

Why do Players Like PRO-Lite Rebel?

Players like Pro-Lite Rebel pickleball paddle because of the reason that it is a lightweight racquet with a lot of abilities. You can play accurate shots with added spin and power as it has got a fiberglass textured face. On the other hand, the grip is also made in such a way that it will never slip from your hands.

  • Lightweight.
  • Fiberglass face.
  • Ideal for professionals…
  • Spin shots with power.
  • Polymer core construction.
  • Durable.
  • Perforated grip.
  • Pricey
  • Mid-handle is not durable

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