Best Double Din Head Unit for Car Stereo – Buyer’s Guide 2021

best-double-din-head-unitToday I choose the topic of the Best Double Din Head Unit.

Because many of us driving daily in some part of the day.

So, what comes to your mind when you think of making your driving or riding time less tedious or enjoyable?

Must you think about your Car Stereo System right?

So, let’s talk about the mind and heart of your stereo system today “the head unit commonly expected to receive audio system.

Now is an era of continuous advancement and technology. Even our entertainment didn’t remain untouched from it, we want our car stereos with not only good audio or/and radio, but we expect the ease of use, videos, a variety of music, options with its connectivity and much more.

Best Double Din Stereo has all these features which we need in our car.

As to meet the needs of your advancing change, technology also has to meet some standards to survive and retain today.

We are here to have a brief look at a head unit that meets the criteria of Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN), an international standard for car’s head unit which initially introduced and used by Germans in their BMW Mercedes and Audi’s radio during eighty’s and now referred as DIN head unit.

As we have highlighted both basic and advanced features offered by best double DIN head units, we present to you some of our picks by Jensen, Sony and Pioneer brand below to help you select one best suited for your taste and budget.

Best Double DIN Head Unit of 2021

There is relatively new development in many head units, and it is difficult to check which models are best. That is why we have added top products together in a list.

After that we will discuss each of them in depth with great features and a helpful buyer’s guide, so you can select the head unit that is best for you.

ModelScreen SizeCompatibilityNavigation
Jensen VX70206.2 inchAndroid AutoYes
Pioneer AVH4200NEX
Editor's Choice
7 inchApple CarPlay /
Android Auto
Optional Avq260
Pioneer AVH-X4800BS7 inchApple CarPlay /
Android Auto
Optional Avq260
Sony XAV-AX1006.4 inchApple CarPlay /
Android Auto
Pioneer AVH-X490BS7 inchApple CarPlay /
Android Auto
Optional Avq260
Pioneer AVH-4100NEX7 inchApple CarPlay /
Android Auto
Optional Avq260
Pioneer AVH-X2800BS6.2 inchApple CarPlay /
Android Auto
Optional Avq260
Pioneer AVH-X3800BHS6.2 inchApple CarPlay /
Android Auto
Optional Avq260

1. Jensen VX7020 – Best Double Din Head Unit with Navigation

Jensen-VX7020-head-unitJensen VX7020 double DIN head unit comes with ample 6.2-inch LCD Multimedia Touch Screen display offers relaxed video experience making your drive pleasurable.
It has all the required hardware for installation. Its built-in navigation and connectivity facilities including Bluetooth, CD/DVD Player & USB/microSD Ports give you the hands-free comfort of enjoying music while driving, hence keeping you save.

Jensen VX7020 built-in features like Steering Wheel Controls enable and ensure you to listen or watch whatever you want on double DIN head unit stereo while moving in your vehicle.

IGo Primo Navigation Feature

iGo Primo Navigation offers you to drive on the road with comfortable viewing experience as it has road/street maps having 11 million points of interest, the added Naviextras Web Support ensures that you have always updated map features.

Its great Audible prompts feature will ensure you don’t miss a turn and keep your focus on the road.

To have complete control over your stereo on your fingertips this Jensen head unit has 10 Band Customizable EQs tuning capability. You also connect a satellite radio tuner and enjoy many entertainments, news, sports, satellite radio and your desired stations and watch channels of your choice.

Security Backup Camera

Additionally, it has the option to install a backup camera to car receiver, so you can be aware to keep an eye on your surrounding which is one of the securities much required today. This version of the best double din head unit with a backup camera also has a one-year warranty along with customer service by Jensen. Thus, by investing on Jensen VX7020 double DIN head unit, you will receive excellent and real value for your money.

Hands Free Driving Experience

Head unit provides Hands Free System, that will allow you to receive the calls without having to touch your phone. You can also make your call through it without being in hassle to pick your smartphone; it’s all at your fingertips. This safe feature will help you to concentrate more other things while driving.

More Features:

  • 2-inch LCD Multimedia Touch Screen (Resolution: 800 x 480)
  • Hardware for installation included
  • Wire Harness and Built-In Navigation
  • Connectivity to Bluetooth, CD/DVD Player & USB/microSD Ports
  • External Bluetooth Microphone and CEA-2006 compliant amplifier
  • 10 Band Customizable EQs tuning capability
  • HDMI/MHL Connectivity for Mirroring your Phone Content
  • Compatible with SiriusXM satellite radio tuner
  • The power output of13 watts x 4 channels (peak: 40 watts x 4 channels)
  • 5 selectable UI colour themes and 5 selectable wallpapers background
  • Steering Wheel Control Interface and Remote control included
  • 1-year warranty

Few important things to know about Jensen VX7020


Some users saying whenever you start or restart the head unit its volume would be high. If you see this issue We will recommend just an easy fix:

Slow down the volume and depress the knob on the left until you hear two beeps. then your selected point will remain where you feel comfortable to hear the music.

Fatal Error on Navigation Screen:

Some reason the software of the head unit might be not updated so simply try this trick,

Just register on the web and download a new software via the website. After downloading just need the microSD card to update the Jensen VX7020… With this help you will be able to upgrade the software and all other updates as well.

 Radio tuning for Local Area

If you see the head unit radio is not working properly for local stations then fix again is relatively simple.

Manually input the frequencies of your favorite stations, so you will be surprise all of them will come loud-and-clear. This problem can be for other head units so you can adjust the stations or follow the unit’s manual. Write down your favorite frequencies and just input them.


By default, the Bluetooth passkey code is “0000”. The head unit will good to go to pair your device. If it’s changed or not working so you can follow the instructions from the manual. The hands-free calling feature is really nice when the Bluetooth will be paired with your phone.

Should I Buy Jensen VX7020?

For the price (more or less) this head unit offering really great value features. If you buy and you are aware with all of the above-mentioned issues so it will make your drive safe, pleasant, surprise, efficient and entertaining.

  • Head unit has all required hardware for installation
  • It has Updated 11 million points of interest in the map database
  • Features Steering Wheel Controls
  • Offers Connectivity to your smartphone
  • Backup camera installing option available
  • It may not allow projecting your smartphone screen on the head unit’s screen

2. Pioneer AVH4200NEX - Best for Cloud-Based Service (NEX)

Pioneer-AVH4200NEX-2-DIN-ReceiverPioneer manufacture provides quality car stereo system with great audio, video experience, numerous connectivity and easy to use features.
Universal double din AVH-4200nex is a blend of built-in functions and cloud-based services, i.e., "network entertainment experience" (NEX). It connects to your phone, tablet, or other devices to offer applications and interface just like on your Android or smartphone.

One of the Best for Today

Its best double din touchscreen head unit interface allows you to change cabin temperature and keep an eye on car stats and settings while driving.

You also can customize your display with 5 available color and background, create shortcuts to your frequently used or favorite app, and switch to a movie for other passengers driving with you.

Pioneer, double DIN head unit, is one of the few very compatible in the market. You can control its audio, USB inputs, and other supplementary functions via the steering wheel.  The built-in HD radio tuner offers clear vocals of FM, also offers internet radio. You can also charge Pandora® account from its touchscreen, check various music, Facebook and tweets from Aha™ Radio.

Still Impressive

pioneerheadunitPioneer’s 13 bands EQ enable you to control tones at your chosen level through the touchscreen. Its auto-EQ with other tools provides tremendous and DJ likes sound quality in your car.

The function of SIRI Eyes free allows you to make a call, chose music, add reminders, listen to messages, and more using your voice to give commands.

More Features:

  • 7-inch Motorized Display screen
  • Five customizable display colors
  • It also Built-In Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming
  • Built-in HD radio tuner and Supports 2 phones together
  • Compatible device with Siri Eyes Free
  • SiriusXM-ready and support Tune Mix, Traffic & Weather Now, and Sports Flash feature
  • CDs, DVDs, SD cards, and USB memory and compatible Android devices
  • Built-in iPod, iPhone, and iPad control -optional adapter required for viewing video content
  • Remote control with CR2025 3V lithium battery installed
  • The power output of 14 watts x 4 channels (peak: 2006/50 x 4 channels)
  • Optional navigation module
  • Detachable face (anti-theft) and iDatalink Maestro compatible
  • 1-year warranty
  • This unit can support two phones at once
  • It had built-in HD radio
  • SIRI Eyes free controls for voice command and hands-free ease
  • It Supports two phones together.
  • Steering wheel control
  • AVH-4200NEX is Siri Eyes Free compatible
  • You may take time to adjust to its navigations

3. Pioneer AVH-X4800BS - Best Double Din Head Unit Under $300

Pioneer-AVH-X4800BSPioneer AVH-X4800BS provides entertainment with quality beyond traditional head units. Its mobile 7-inch display screen gives an optimal viewing angle from your driving seat.

Its touch slide technology and NEX interface give control to your fingers.

You can adjust the sound with its EQ curve feature.

This double DIN unit has AppRadio one app which enables you to plug in the phone and enjoy a variety of app for music, navigation, and much more.

Featured Design

This version of Pioneers double DIN head unit offers five display colors to choose from and customized as per your style. For a concert like experience, this head unit creates MIXTRAX with data stored in your connected device, i.e.,iPhone, iPod, Android phone, USB device, etc., forming different colored lightning pulsing with the beats of your music.

Its built-in Blue tooth connectivity gives you the ease of wireless stream, hand-free experience for calls and to control music from your phone or other devices. It can also support two phones at once.

Through Siri eye free you can give commands to this head unit via your voice.

When connected to your smartphone via USB cable, it gives you access to your phone library and data; the search options help you find desired songs quickly.

More Features:

  • 7″ Motorized DVD Receiver and Dvd/CD receiver with an Internal amp
  • The power output of 14 watts x 4 channels (peak: 2006/50 x 4 channels)
  • Built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming
  • Supports two phones at once and Siri eyes free with compatible devices
  • Multi-color illumination with MIXTRAX audio and visual effects
  • Fits double-DIN dash openings and Wiring harness
  • Digital time alignment
  • Auto-EQ equalizes for your car interior automatically and remote control
  • Built-in iPod, iPhone, and iPad control -optional adapter required for viewing video content
  • Backup Camera Ready and Waterproof
  • 3-way Network mode (preamp outputs convert to outputs for highs, mids, lows)
  • Works with SiriusXM Sxv300 tuner—supports new tune mix, traffic & weather now, and sports flash Features
  • Compatible with optional AVIC-U260 navigation module
  • 1-year warranty
  • Provides excess to all radio channels
  • Large and comfortable to navigate the screen
  • Control via Voice command
  • Offers Siri eyes free with compatible devices
  • Support Apple and Android devices
  • Its water resistant
  • Interpreting installing instruction may require efforts or professional help

4. Sony XAV-AX100 - Best Double Din Head Unit for Sound Quality

Sony-XAV-AX100Who isn’t familiar with the Sony brand. Sony XAV-AX100 double DIN head unit’s sound is worth talking about; it's just awesome and makes a noticeable difference in your car audio. Sony has been working around for many years and known for its vivid, colorful, and vibrant display in the world of entertainment.

Sounds Great

Sony head unit has a proven touchscreen with excellent sensitivity and Offers straightforward navigation. The large icons on its 6.4-inch touch screen give you the ease to operate fast through your fingertips It provides built-in Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone to ensure you hands-free control.

You can enjoy the control of your favorite features through your voice command via CarPlay and Android Auto. And Siri® Eyes Free enables you to make phone calls, receive the message, control music, and much more through the command of your voice. It also features the option of a Google map.

Functional Audio

EQ5 10-band equalizer allows controlling and adjusting music audios in the car according to your preference. This head unit comes with a camera input. Sony XAV version of Sony double DIN head unit suitable for both Android Auto and Apple Car Play.

More Features:

  • Digital multimedia receiver and 6.4″ LCD touchscreen display
  • The power output of 20 watts RMS CEA-2006/55 peak x 4 channels)
  • Built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming (external mic included)
  • Siri Eyes Free compatible and FM Radio
  • Voice control with Apple Car Play and Android Auto
  • Reverse camera input
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • Pandora control with iPhone and Android
  • EQ5 10-band equalizer
  • 5-channel preamp outputs
  • The power output of 4X55 watts
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Wiring harness
  • Remote control (RM-X170)
  • It has EQ 10-band equalizer to control and adjust theloudness
  • Its Siri Eyes Free compatible
  • This head unit has proven touch sensitivity
  • It has FM Radio
  • Offers steering wheel control
  • Sony XAV-AX100 doesn’t play CDs

5. Pioneer AVH-X490BS - Best Double Din Head Unit for the Money

Pioneer-AVH-X490BSThis version of pioneer double DIN head unit comes with 7 inches touchscreen to directly connected to your iPod or iPhone for playback music.

Its built-in Bluetooth is SiriusXM ready, giving you the ease of hands-free calling, wireless streaming of audios, and song searches and voice recognition within your car making your ride safe and convenient. The blue tooth uses Wideband Speech Hands-free Profile for a better quality call like FM reception.


One of the best features is its multi-language display, i.e., you have options to operate it in English, Chinese, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Isn’t it a high function when you know these languages to access it.

Apart from connectivity it also features browsing in connection with your smartphone. This double DIN unit features built-in EQ for quality sound, and 13 bands graphic equalizer offers you customized control for your preferred stereo experience.

Versatile Functionality

mixtrax-head-unitAVH-X490BS has AppRadio One, so you can watch and have control of smartphone or Android compatible apps via the receiver’s touchscreen. Having a Spotify app on an iPhone or Android device enables you to control content. You can also discover free excellent music without effort with Pandora.

With the addition of AVIC-U280, you can easily upgrade navigation allowing you to alter modes with buttons. MIXTRAX foams a constant mix of patterns on the beats of your audio music being played of this double DIN head unit, indulging you in DJ style listening. MIXTRAX receives the music from your smartphone, iPod, or USB device and plays it with an additional effect which is more quick and easy.

This version of the Sony Double Din receiver offers MTP, i.e., Media Transfer Protocol to identify your android or smartphone as devices for media storage connected via USB.

More Features

  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • In-Dash DVD/CD/Am/FM Car Stereo Receiver
  • 7-Inch WVGA motorized Display and Sirius XM-Ready
  • The power output of 14 watts x 4 channels (peak: 50 watts x 4 channels)
  • MIXTRAX blends and Detachable Face Security Fixed
  • Remote Control Included
  • Multi-Language Display (English, Chinese (Simplified), French, Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Touchscreen Clear Resistive.
  • LED Backlight and 5 display colors and 13 backgrounds
  • Best Station Memory. (BSM)
  • Local Seek Tuning and RDS and Pandora
  • AppRadioOneiPhone/Android and Android Music Support
  • Back-Up Camera Input
  • USB Direct Control for iPod/iPhone and Auto and easy EQ
  • This pioneer head unit is Sirius XM-Ready
  • Offers MIXTRAX blends to DJ like effect
  • It has Media Transfer Protocol to identify the storage device
  • The screen has Multi-Language Display
  • Offers LED Backlight
  • Blue tooth capabilities depend on your connecting device capability

6. Pioneer AVH-4100NEX - Best Double Din Head Unit for Android and Apple Products

Pioneer-AVH-4100NEXPioneer AVH-4100NEX double DIN head unit has improved the user interface with NEX features a highly responsive and powerful touch screen which is easy to use.

Its Apple CarPlay can be used in many fun ways via iPhone in the car, enabling you to make calls, enjoy music, navigate the map, etc. with only a touch or word.

AppRadio is a revolutionary add to this model of Pioneer’s double-DIN which provides you control of compatible apps, and you can enjoy the full-screen experience of your contacts, map, and much more.

Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth options enable you to stay safe with ease of hands-free. So, you are not only enjoying your car but also being a responsible citizen by obeying the law of not using the phone while driving. Also, your call quality is improving like that of FM reception. You made equipped to use and browse from your smartphone music library, wirelessly.

Customized internet radio, i.e., Pandora, designed for you to discover music in entirely new ways. This feature offers you to take pleasure in high-quality sound with control from the touchscreen of your double DIN unit.

Quality and Protection

SIRI eye free power has also provided helping you to keep your eye on the road, hands on the wheel, and using an external microphone to interact via car’s speakers. With Sirius-Ready you can have access to 120 channels including entertainment, news, sports, etc.

Your fellow passengers will be able to entertain by exceptional audio and video via new rear headphones and monitors.

Don’t forget to connect your USB for enjoying audio tracks as MIXTRAX in the head unit offers extra quick remixing of track for a virtual DJ experience.

More Features

  • 7″ WVGA Touchscreen Display
  • Detachable motorized screen with multiple angle display
  • LED backlight Display and Bluetooth and 5 customizable display colors
  • MIXTRAX for a DJ-inspired audio/visual experience and HD Radio
  • Pandora and Aha Radio control with iPhone and Android
  • DVD/CD receiver and Remote control and iPod, iPhone, and iPad control
  • Built-in iPod, iPhone, and iPad control and SiriHands-Free
  • 13-band graphic equalizer with seven preset EQ curves
  • Auto-EQ equalizes and works with SiriusXM SXV300 tuner
  • The power output of 14 watts RMS CEA-2006/50 peak x 4 channels
  • optional navigation module
  • compatible with iDatalink Maestro
  • compatible with most factory steering wheel audio
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Apple Car Play consistent and Android Auto compatible
  • It has 5 customizable display colors for customized screen
  • The head unit features SIRI eye free for handsfree and save but enjoyable drive
  • MIXTRAX for a DJ-inspired audio/visual experience
  • HD Radio included
  • Pioneer AVH is a Sirius-Ready unit with over 120 channel access
  • Not found yet

7. Pioneer AVH-X2800BS - Best Budget Double Din Head Unit

Pioneer-AVH-X2800BSPioneer AVH-X2800BS features NEX for a more powerful and responsive, user-friendly interface. You even change the appearance of your receiver and customize it as it offers 13 band graphics.

The 6.2-inch display screen gives you a clear and bright viewing experience within your car.

Customized Colors Feature

The head unit’s touchscreen has bright, vibrant, and popping colors to enhance your video entertainment.AppRadio option offers iPhone and smartphone compatible app to view and control from your touchscreen via a cable connection. Spotify and Pandora are among other features giving you broader control and pleasures of entertainment.

It supports two phones together, enabling not only the driver of the car but also his family to have an enjoyable ride Sri eye free option allows you to make calls, add reminders, hear notifications, etc. while being hands-free and control the head unit via your voice command through your stereo’s speakers. Thus saving while getting entertained.

Great Display

head unitIts MIXTRAX creates a multicolored DJ like experience which is one of the most exciting features of the head unit when connecting via a USB port and given access via a storage device. It makes any audible exciting while providing colorful and vivid sight to your eyes.

Browsing and searching are made comfortable on your head units screen when plugged into iPhone via rear USB cable, and it will give you access to your smartphone playlist for movies, music, contacts, etc.

SiriusXM tuner provides programming variation of satellite radio.

This head unit has the option to play CDs and DVDs. You can enjoy steering control by connecting few additional wires to your head unit.Like other double-DIN head units offered by Pioneer, this one is also tailored to give you the wholesome experience of entertainment while you are on wheels.

More Features

  • 2 inches In-Dash DVD Receiver
  • Bluetooth connectivity and DVD/CD receiver
  • Built-in iPod, iPhone, and iPad control
  • Siri eyes free with compatible devices
  • Works with SiriusXM Sxv300 tuner
  • AppRadio One compatible iPhone and Android devices
  • Pandora and Spotify control with iPhone and Android
  • plays audio/video content from CDs, DVDs, and USB memory devices
  • 13-band graphic equalizer with seven preset EQ curves
  • Auto-EQ equalizes and MIXTRAX multi-color audio/visual effect
  • The power output of 14 watts RMS CEA-2006/50 peak x 4 channels
  • Remote control
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Wiring harness
  • It has SiriusXM tuner
  • Spotify and Pandora features
  • Can operate two phones at once
  • SIRI eye free option available with great controlling options
  • Includes MIXTRAX multi-color audio/visual effect
  • For using Spotify, one need to unlock the phone first every time

8. Pioneer AVHX3800BHS - Best User Friendly Head Unit

Pioneer-AVHX3800BHSPioneer AVH-X3800BHS had powerful and built-in NEX user interface which is user-friendly and much customizable head unit.

Its resistive touchscreen has brighter, popping, more exciting, and eye-catching colors in your car.

AppRadio One™ gives you control and excess to view your Android and smartphone app using one cable connection. Bluetooth connectivity provides hands-free calling, voice recognition engine, wireless streaming, browsing from your Android or smartphones.

Pioneer controls will enable you to play, skip, pause, browse, and enjoy radio on the way to your destination within your car. Pandora app features excellent, free, and effortless, and extreme quality music experience.Siri® Eyes Free via car’s speakers enables you to give commands through your voice and offers to access many iPhone functions like music selection, making calls, reminders, etc.

SiriusXM is ready in AVH-X3800BHS, which means you can enjoy, music, sports, news, weather, entertainment, etc. within your vehicle, all you have to do is to connect SiriusXM to the vehicle tuner, adjust the port, control, and enjoy satellite radio. Its built-in HD radio allows having a whole new radio experience with quality sound and no distortion.

MIXTRAX creates a continuous DJ effect on your head unit’s screen.Its USB connection provides clean and clear sound while keeping your iPhone or iPod charged. You can also select from blue/red/amber/green/violet colours for the customized display screen and pick from numerous images.

It also offers FLAC file playback capability for CD quality playback audio.13-band EQ with slope adjustments is included to enhance your music experience.

More Features:

  • The 6.2-inch touchscreen display
  • Built-In Bluetooth
  • Supports 2 phones
  • Siri Eyes Free with compatible devices
  • Built-in HD Radio tuner
  • Multi-color illusion with MIXTRAX
  • Remote control and DVD/CD receiver with internal amp
  • Wiring harness
  • The power output of 14 watts RMS 4 channels (peak: 2006/50 x4 channels)
  • 5 display colors and Dual and backup camera input
  • SiriusXM SXV300 tuner—supports new Tune Mix, Traffic & Weather Now, and Sports Flash features
  • Pandora and Spotify control with iPhone and Android
  • One-year warranty
  • Pioneer AVHX3800BHS Supports 2 phones
  • Siri Eyes Free with compatible devices
  • SiriusXM SXV300 tuner
  • It has a built-in HD Radio tuner
  • Multi-color illusion with MIXTRAX to make audios more exciting
  • Bluetooth needs to handled carefully

9. Kenwood DPX501BT - Best Budget Head Unit

Kenwood-DPX501BT-2-DIN-CD-Receiver-with-Built-in-BluetoothKenwood DPX501BT has got the attention as per its features at the very lower price range. The receiver offering 2 Bluetooth connection for device connectivity Both Android and IOS users can connect happily with the popular audio apps.

The head unit interface color transitions are very clean and smooth with an eye-catching display MP3 tag information. A lot of color customization makes it cooler for the display.

The digital clock prominent on the display screen allows you to see the easy time while driving

Other great features are big stylish backlight buttons and an oversized knob with color contrast and dimming effects. It gives you easy control of music streaming, hands-free calling, and build-in-Bluetooth.

You can also connect other devices on the front USB port and aux input for charging or other mass storage devices to get unlimited options to play music.

Smartphone features

  • Hands-free calling and music streaming with built-in Bluetooth
  • Charging Android devices (version 4.1 and upper) using the USB
  • Pandora and iHeartRadio Control with both devices iPhone and Android
  • iPhone – iPod – iPad control

Music features

  • CD and radio audio
  • 3 band equalizer
  • Sound loudness and Bass control
  • Easy subwoofer control
Some users complaining about the screen brightness, some saying not possible to read in the bright day and others found an extra setting allowing to increase the brightness or something more useful.

Why should you buy the Kenwood DPX501BT?

This is best head unit for low budget. It has all the expensive Features and qualities at a reasonable price, Very simple and easy to operate. You can control all of the features with both manually and wireless remote device, this product is very cheap as compare to other devices. According to feedback for this product, many users are very satisfied

  • Looks great with high large screen display
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • USB supported with Smartphone and Mass storage devices
  • Various Customized Colors
  • Low Price head unit
  • Dim Display light during the daytime

Best Double DIN Head Units – Buyer’s Guide


The difference between the two head units is their size. Single-DIN car head unit is usually 2 inches high, and 7 inches long Whereas Double DIN car head unit has a height of 4 inches and length of 7 inches.


The Double DIN head unit has incorporated a screen with a touch display with a simple interface,i.e., video player, navigation, a backup camera, etc.

These head units are particularly popular in the market as people with a desire to have a good stereo system in their car prefer it. The various brand is offering a double DIN head unit with GPS, a navigation system, Android, etc. However as per your demand, style, and budget you can select out of many options to buy a well suited and double DIN stereo for your car.

We are going to highlight the different features of this head unit to simplify your work in choosing the best one for your car.


1. Wattage:

Wattage should be considered first to buy a head unit with quality sound. Higher wattage will allow louder music to play. Typically, double DIN offers wattage between the 50-80-watt range.

2. RMS:

RMS refers to the Root Mean Square power rating,i.e., the constant quantity of power required by stereo to deliver quality sound. Wattage and RMS go hand in hand means if the wattage is high and RMS is low it will deteriorate the sound quality

3. Peak Power:

Peak means high, so here peak power means the highest power the stereo can handle in a short burst, if your radio has low peak power then it may soon harm your speakers.

4. Connectivity:

Device connectivity is one of those blessings technology has given us. We have moved forward from CDs and DVDs now; our double DIN head unit can connect to any device today, be it, Bluetooth, our smartphones or Android phone, GPS navigation, internet connectivity, media streaming ports, etc.  Apart from so many options that these gadgets offer, we can also charge our mobile phones via USB ports and enjoy hands-free, safe, and secure to operate the music system in our car.

The facility to connect these devices also extend options and allows us to use data from the library of our smartphones etc. plus the navigation on double DIN head unit touch screen makes everything operated on your fingerprints

5. Large Screen:

large screen head unit

Being double in height, double DIN head unit screen is fast and easy to use. Obviously, you don’t want to indulge in a lengthy process to adjust the desired music frequency or making a setting in your head unit while driving. The screen with the more necessary interface is easy to navigate during driving and for sure the joy of music with videos. You also have the option to change or customize your display theme as desired.

6. Touch Screen:

Unlike the single DIN head unit, Double DIN head unit has a touchscreen to navigate smoothly and making the operation faster.

7. Price:

According to the brand, quality, and features offered, the costs of double DIN head units vary. You need to pick the best one according to your budget.

8. Brand:

Today everything is being branded, delivering precise and consistent quality and performance. You can choose your double-DIN head unit from these to establish a brand that has an excellent reputation as per the performance, quality, and durability of their product.

9. Warranty:

A good manufacturer of your head unit will provide you at least a one-year warranty for their product. Thus you can trust those brands or manufacturers and enjoy its perk in case any inconvenience you can have your unit or its parts (depending on what warranty covers) you can have them replaced or exchanged.

10. Protection from theft:

The head units of the car like side mirrors are an easy target for thieves as these products are readily convertible into money. Thus, you need a unit with an easily removable head so that you can, detached it while leaving your car and saving yourself from its loss.

11. Ease of use:

All the features mentioned above all together must provide the comfort of your double-DIN head unit, from its installation to switching it off. The Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, USE connectivity, and other alike features will allow you a mobile use of your stereo in your car, its large and touch screen will make it easy to operate, and a functional quality head unit will provide you with the better value of your money.

Double Din Head Unit FAQS



The introduction of a double din head unit to a ride in the car is so entertaining and joyful. What doesn’t it have? Be you are a new person, a music lover, a sports admirer; it has features to please everyone.

The connectivity options like CD, DVD, USB port, Bluetooth, and connectivity with iPod, Android, iPhone, or smartphone extends the possibilities of choosing music and data within your library.

You can even keep your fellow passengers entertained throughout the journey by playing movies or songs with DJ like experience as the touch screen of your double-DIN head unit has a colorful and customizable display.

Internet connectivity, smartphone charging via USB cable, hands-free options, and voice command are among those extra perks offered by double DIN head units making your drive not only pleasurable but save too.

Have a good day 😊

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